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The first aluminium tube was produced more than 40 years ago. Owing to the growing demand, the production of packing products was extended with the production of laminate tubes in 1997. Today our company TUBAPACK, a.s. belongs to the leading manufacturers of tubes in the Central Europe region and provides its services to customers in the cosmetic, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. Based on close cooperation with customers and thanks to state of art technology, innovations, experienced and skilled employees, quality inspection methods and technical know-how we provide products and services of the best quality for many years. TUBAPACK, a.s. takes care of environment and safety trough its commitment to continuous improvements. We are the customer-oriented supplier and business partner who maintain the high level of customer and employee satisfaction in line with our corporate goals. TUBAPACK, a.s. in cooperation with the vocational high school – SSOŠT in Žiar nad Hronom participates in a dual education system which combines vocational education and vocational training of high school students for future job performance. The founder of SSOŠT in Žiar nad Hronom is the Intech Association, which one of its members is also company TUBAPACK, a.s. A dual education system builds partnerships between employers and students and is characterizes by theoretical education and practical training being closely linked together under the guidance of experienced professionals. More information about the dual system of education can be found on college website


Laminate tubes

Laminate tubes are suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products. They are manufactured from multi-layer laminate foil with the use of aluminium or plastic barrier that is inserted between the inner and outer layers of the tube. Laminate tubes represent and easy, hygienic and safe method of packing, that provides efficient barier agains leakage of volatile substances and protection against UV rays as well.

Aluminium tubes

Aluminium tubes have several specific advantages over tubes made from competitive materials. Our aluminium tubes protect the filling against oxygen, moisture, light, UV rays, water vapor, fatty substances or microorganisms. Their significant advantages also include corrosion resistance, complete recyclability, ability to protect the products for long period, suitability for hot sterilization, while environmentally friendly. Aluminium tubes are manufactured from aluminium with purity of 99,7% and are suitable for the use in food and non-food industries.

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